Method to Fix the System Restore Error 0x80070091 on Window 10

The System Restore Error 0x80070091 error messages can appear due to several issues like technical software glitches, corrupted system files, third party system security, and more. To solve the issue, first, you have to know why it is appearing when you are restoring your computer. While restoring your system to an earlier state can be a helpful way to sorting many ongoing issues, if the process itself gives up, then you end up win helpless conditions. All you have to do is read and follow the method mentioned in this article to solve the System Restore Error 0x80070091 issue on your Windows 10 PC. Let’s get started.

Your system’s Volume Shadow Copy is responsible for restoring the PC to an earlier date. So when the Volume Shadow Copy gets corrupted, the System Restore Error 0x80070091 may appear. To solve it, you have to follow these instructions:

  1. Make a combination of keys on your keyboard with Start and R keys at the same time.
  2. This will trigger the Run application, which is a dialogue box in other words used for opening certain programs and directories with predefined commands.
  3. Now put in services.msc into the text field.
  4. Press the Ok option to open the Services window.
  5. When it appears, look for the service named as Volume Shadow Copy.
  6. Once you find it, make a double click on it.
  7. In front of “Startup Type,” there is a dropdown.
  8. Click on that.
  9. Choose the Manual option.
  10. Hit the Apply button at the bottom.
  11. Now finally press the OK button to close the windows and save the changes.
  12. See if the issue persists.

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